JavaScript & Node.js Experts

ES6+, Webpack, React/Redux, Express, Angular, and many more

Incline knows JavaScript


Incline has been repeatedly ranked in the top 1% of JavaScript engineers world wide1.

It’s no surprise - we’ve been building JavaScript-driven web apps since the start - before jQuery even existed.

We’ve kept up with the changes and continue to use the advancing state-of-the-art to bring increased value to our customers.

Incline knows Node.js


We know Node.js inside and out because we helped build it. We’ve been involved in the Node community since v0.2, made multiple contributions to Node.js core, and authored or contributed to hundreds of npm modules.

If you use Node.js, then you’re already running Incline’s code. You’re welcome :)

Incline knows Full-Stack


Our current standard stack is ES6 (ES2017) React/Redux on the client and server, using Node.js with Next.js to power the backend. WebSockets provide realtime updates, and we’re currently investigating WASM for increased performance.

That said, we’re happy to work with whatever you have in place already, and rarely feel the need for massive re-writes or migrations.

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1 Rankings by, recorded in 2013, 2014, and 2015.