Incline drives growth.

Web & Mobile Apps, Automation, Optimization

◢ Incline

Incline is a small, capable digital agency established in 2004.

We partner with clients and keep a laser-focus on their goals, vision, and bottom line.

Our core expertise is in JavaScript & Node.js for desktop and mobile web apps, and we offer a variety of business and technology services.

Incline doubled our profits in the first year. They were up 5x after the second year!

– What’s My User Agent?

Incline’s work dramatically expanded my customer base and accounted for 24% of revenue over the last 18 months.

– Nathan James, True Tile

Expert in the arts of JavaScript programing.

– Kurtis Mullins

📈 Business Optimization

We help increase sales, reduce churn, improve performance, and grow your profit margins:

  • A/B test sales funnel changes, new features, etc.
  • Automatic setup of new customers
  • Interview current, past, and potential customers
  • Reduce operating costs (AWS, AdWords, etc.)

📱 Websites and Apps

Incline builds beautiful, compelling experiences across web, mobile, and desktop:

  • Mobile-first web apps built with React, Angular, etc.
  • REST and WebSocket APIs that can scale to billions of actions
  • Fast, beautiful mobile-first websites
  • Performance enhancements to speed up existing sites

🖥️ Featured Work

Backyard Sports


Incline helped create the online presence for several of the games in Atari’s Backyard Sports series, including minigames, letterboards, parental controls, and more.



The Incline team contributes Node.js core, and has authored or contributed npm modules including express-rate-limit, watson-speech, watson-developer-cloud, prettier, eslint, and hundreds more.


Sunny Delight

Incline worked full-stack on the SunnyD Book Spree promotion, setting up the back-end and database for online registration and optimizing the front-end to be printer-friendly for offline registration.

⚛ Capabilities

Beyond our core depth of expertise in web apps, Incline has a wide breadth of experience and capabilities:

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